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We solve problems and make decisions everyday/all day:
at home, at work, at play, even at the grocery store!

Some problems and decisions are very challenging,
and require a lot of thought, emotion, and research.  The steps of this guide are designed to help you make good decisions
Good luck!



This procedure looks as if one moves neatly from step to step. This isn’t the case. These steps simply provide a structure for working on the problem.

They overlap: you may have to return to earlier steps, or work them simultaneously,
to find the best solution.

Examples of flexibility:
Information gathering occurs in all steps—from recognition of the problem to implementation
of its solution
New information may force you to redefine the problem
Alternatives may be unworkable, and you’ll have to find new ones
Some steps may be combined or alleviated

Problem solving overview:
1. Defining the problem/considering causes/gathering information |
2. Developing/weighing alternatives |
3. Implementing decisions/monitoring progress |
4. Graphic overview of process

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